If you own a Tesla, you want to make sure it is protected. While the advanced technology built into the car will keep you and your family safe while driving, all of the AI in the world will do nothing to protect the paint job on your car. One wrong move in the parking lot or one long weekend where you leave your Tesla outside, and suddenly your glimmering luxury vehicle turns into a scratched-up hunk of junk. That is why you need to invest in Tesla paint protection, and below you can find some of the best Tesla paint protection options that are currently available.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is a liquid coating that is applied all over the exterior of your car, and it works to protect your Tesla paint job. A Tesla ceramic coating almost instantly bonds to the paint, protecting your car from the degenerative effects of UV rays, salt, sap, and other chemicals. Another added benefit of a Tesla ceramic coating is that it also makes the car easier to clean, as dust and dirt more easily slide off of the outer layer. On top of all of that, a ceramic coating is durable and long-lasting, as some can last and maintain a high level of efficiency for almost five years!

Tesla Paint Protection Film

A Tesla paint protection film is made of thermoplastic and can help protect your car’s paint job from significant damage. Typically, a Tesla paint protection film is placed on the areas of the vehicle that are most likely to see some damage, including the front of the car, the areas around the tires, and the back of the car. The clear film is ideal for preventing minor nicks and scratches, but a paint protection film is unlikely to protect the Tesla paint job from more serious damage.

Tesla Paint Protection Wax

Not only will wax help protect your car from minor scratches, but it will also get your Tesla looking glossy and glamorous! Similar to a ceramic coating, a wax coating will also make your car more resistant to the accumulation of dust and dirt, as the wax makes these irritants simply glide right off. Best of all, wax is very affordable and easy to use, although it will only last for around two to four months before the wax will need to be reapplied. 

Tesla Paint Protection Sealants

Sealants are a cheaper version of a Tesla ceramic coating, providing a synthetic layer of protection that also adds a glossy sheen. Just like a ceramic coating, sealants bond with the paint on the surface of your car to provide protection from the rigors of the road. Sealants are very affordable, but will only provide protection for three to six months.

Tesla Paint Protection at All American Paint & Body in San Diego

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