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All American Paint & Body is proud to be a Tesla Certified Body Shop. We are the go-to Tesla Body Shop in San Diego, whether it be the Model S, Model X, Model Y, Roadster, or Model 3. As part of the Tesla Body Repair Program (BRP) you can trust your Tesla to be repaired to factory specifications with us!
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#1 Tesla Certified Collision Repair Facility in San Diego

Free, Professional Estimates for all Tesla Repair Costs

At All American Paint and Body, we always provide customers a free professional estimate on any damage. Our Tesla experts and trained Service Advisors will conduct a detailed inspection of your entire vehicle to complete the claims process with your insurance provider.

Tesla Collision Repair & Quality Control at All American Paint & Body

Aluminum Repair for Teslas

If your Tesla needs aluminum repairs to fix any structural damage to the car, it is absolutely essential that you go to a Tesla-certified repair center. All American Paint and Body in San Diego specializes in Tesla body repairs, and our staff has gone through the required Tesla training requirements to perform bodywork and repairs on Tesla vehicles. In order to perform this kind of repair on a Tesla, your mechanic and collision repair technician must have a current and valid certificate that states they have undergone the necessary Tesla training.

A Tesla-Approved Workshop Ready For Any Repair

In order to be certified as a Tesla-approved workshop, the space must feature a variety of different features and functionality in order to meet all of the needs of the vehicle. At All American Paint and Body, we have equipped our workshop with everything a Tesla needs.

Estimate and Repair Planning Area

A Tesla workshop needs a dedicated area for estimates, repair planning, and blueprinting. Tesla’s are very complicated vehicles, and even a seemingly simple repair needs to be thoroughly planned out in order to find success.

Aluminum Repair Area

Aluminum repairs typically require welding and other potentially dangerous tools in a clean space to avoid cross contamination with other metals, which is why there needs to be a separate aluminum repair area. This area will host most repairs to the body of your Tesla, as well as any smaller scale aluminum repairs.

Paint Mixing Room

Your Tesla deserves only the highest quality paint that has been perfectly mixed to give you the ideal color tone. In our paint mixing room, our team of experts makes sure you have the best color for your car.

Paint Booth

Once the paint is mixed, we need to take your Tesla into the paint booth for the paint to be applied. A Tesla-approved workshop requires at least one downdraft paint booth that has the ability to complete bake operations. The paint booth must also meet all federal, state, and local regulations. Regardless of whether you need paint to cover up a scratch or simply want a fresh paint job, our team has got you covered!

Detailing and Car Cleaning Area

Once your repairs have been completed, it is time to make sure your car is looking its very best. In the detailing and car cleaning area, we finalize all repairs by cleaning your car, allowing your Tesla to look just like new.

We Keep Your Tesla Safe During All Repairs

We know how much you value and appreciate your Tesla, and that is why we do everything we can to keep your Tesla safe during all repairs and service. To make sure your Tesla is protected, we provide the following protections:

Protective Seat Covers

We do not want your beautiful interior to get damaged, and that is why we install protective seat covers into your Tesla as soon as it rolls into our shop.

Steering Wheel Protection

Greasy hands should not be smudging your steering wheel, so we put protection over your steering wheel to keep it clean. This is especially important during the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Floor Mats

We want your car to come back to you cleaner than it was when it was brought in, so we use floor mats to avoid tracking any dirt or dust into your car.

Car Covers

If your Tesla needs serious long-term repairs, we will cover it with a car cover to avoid the accumulation of dust or debris.

Glass Protection Paper

If your repair requires aluminum welding or grinding of any kind, we will install glass protection paper to avoid the possibility of any scratches or dings.

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